Who Raised the Flags on Iwo Jima?

First Flag Raising Morning, February 23, 1945
Photo by Lou Lowery.

Second Flag Raising Afternoon, February 23, 1945
Photo by Joe Rosenthal

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Random House statement:

James Bradley, who had concluded months before the recent announcement by the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Society that his father John Bradley was, in fact, not in the famed Associated Press photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal on Iwo Jima, is currently at work with Random House on an updated Afterword to his bestselling book, Flags of Our Fathers. This Afterword will be released soon in the digital editions and in subsequent print editions of his book, and will serve as his statement on the matter for now.

The “John Bradley” figure on the Marine Corps Memorial is not modeled upon the Rosenthal photo, but on Bradley’s body—he posed for the sculptor in Washington. The photo didn’t show faces.

John and James Bradley

So many new questions . . . Here’s just one: How will America deal with the fact that my father’s visage is on a monument depicting a historic moment in U.S. military history in which he wasn’t in that position? While John Bradley is not in the photo, his figure is on the monument. Once again, I am off on a journey involving The Photograph. I will be recording my discoveries. Please stay tuned . . .

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